In the state of NSW, there are certain periods such as long weekends etc. where if a traffic offence is committed, the double demerits provisions apply. Traditionally, double demerit points were enforced during the following holiday periods in NSW (to name a few as this list is not exhaustive):


1. Christmas and New Year: The double demerit period generally starts a few days before Christmas and continues until a few days into the New Year.


2. Easter: The double demerit period usually begins a few days before Good Friday and extends until the end of Easter Monday.


3. Anzac Day: Double demerits are commonly applied from a few days before Anzac Day, which is on April 25th, until the end of the long weekend.


4. King s Birthday: The double demerit period usually covers the long weekend surrounding the King s Birthday public holiday.


It’s worth noting that the specific dates and the applicability of double demerit points can vary from year to year in NSW, so it’s important to check the latest information from the official sources, such as Service NSW or Revenue NSW or even the NSW Government website (or even their social media pages), for the most accurate, updates and the most current information regarding double demerits.



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