If you have been charged with a high range PCA (Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol) offence in New South Wales (NSW), it is crucial to understand the serious legal implications and potential consequences of such a charge. High range PCA offences are considered particularly severe under NSW law, and individuals facing these charges should seek immediate legal advice and representation from a qualified and experienced criminal defence lawyer.


Understanding High Range PCA Offenses

In NSW, a high range PCA offence occurs when a person drives a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.15 or higher. This offence is treated with the utmost seriousness by law enforcement authorities and the courts due to the significantly elevated risk posed to public safety by individuals operating a vehicle under the influence of such high levels of alcohol.


Consequences of High Range PCA Offenses

The penalties for a high range PCA offense in NSW are severe and can have long-lasting impacts on an individual’s personal and professional life. If convicted, the potential consequences may include:


1. Lengthy License Disqualification: Offenders face a lengthy period of disqualification from driving.


2. Heavy Fines: The courts may impose significant fines for high range PCA offences.


3. Imprisonment: In the most serious cases, individuals convicted of high range PCA offences may face imprisonment, resulting in a criminal record that can have far-reaching implications for their future.


4. Mandatory Interlock Program: Offenders may be required to participate in the Alcohol Interlock Program, which involves the installation of a breath-testing device in their vehicle to prevent it from starting if alcohol is detected in their breath.


Legal Representation for High Range PCA Offences


Given the severe nature of the penalties associated with high range PCA offenses, it is crucial for individuals facing such charges to seek legal representation from a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defence lawyer. A skilled lawyer can provide essential guidance and support throughout the legal process, working to protect the rights and interests of the accused and striving to achieve the best possible outcome in their case.


Effective legal representation may involve challenging the evidence presented by the prosecution, exploring potential defences, negotiating with the prosecution for a favourable outcome, and representing the accused in court proceedings. Additionally, a lawyer can provide valuable advice on the legal process, potential consequences, and available options for the accused.





Seeking Legal Advice

If you or someone you know is facing charges for a high range PCA offense in NSW, it is crucial to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity. A qualified criminal defence lawyer with expertise in handling drink driving offenses can provide the guidance and advocacy needed to navigate the complexities of the legal system and work towards a positive resolution.


At Nicopoulos Sabbagh Lawyers we understand the gravity of high range PCA offences and are dedicated to providing strong and effective legal representation for individuals facing such charges. Our experienced team of lawyers is committed to protecting the rights and interests of our clients and advocating for the best possible outcomes in their cases.


Below is a breakdown of the penalties for first and subsequent offences of High Range Drink Driving:




(A person Driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15 and above)






·       Maximum fine of $3,300

·       Term of Imprisonment of up to 18 months

·       Mandatory Interlock Program (Unless an exemption is granted by the Court).

·       Automatic Disqualification of 3 years

·       Minimum Disqualification of 12 months


·       Maximum fine of $5,500

·       Maximum term of imprisonment of up to 24 months

·       Mandatory Interlock Program (Unless an Exemption is granted by the Court).

·       Automatic Disqualification of 5 years

·       Minimum Disqualification of 2 years

·       Maximum Interlock 12 Months

·       Minimum Interlock 9 Months



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