In NSW, the driver is responsible for ensuring that all passengers are wearing seatbelts and are not engaging in any behaviour that may distract the driver or compromise road safety. However, the driver is not held directly responsible for a passenger’s use of a mobile phone.


Under NSW traffic laws, it is illegal for drivers to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving, unless it is being used in a hands-free manner (e.g., through Bluetooth or voice commands). Passengers, on the other hand, are generally allowed to use their mobile phones while in a vehicle, as long as they are not causing a distraction to the driver.


However, if a passenger’s use of a mobile phone becomes a significant distraction to the driver and affects their ability to operate the vehicle safely, the driver could potentially face penalties. This could fall under the offence of "negligent driving" or "driving without proper control," depending on the circumstances. It should also be noted that it is an offence for any screen of a mobile phone or another device (including laptops, iPad etc) to be visible to a driver or that would otherwise be a distraction to the driver, pursuant to Regulation 299(1) of the Road Rules 2014 (NSW)


Are there any exceptions to this rule?


The short answer is, Yes. Regulation 299(2) of the Road Rules 2014 (NSW) notes:


(2) This rule does not apply to the driver if– 

(a) the driver is driving a bus and the visual display unit is, or displays, a destination sign or other bus sign, or 


(b) the visual display unit is used as a driver’s aid and either– 

(i) is an integrated part of the vehicle design, or 

(ii) is secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle while being used, or 

(ba) the visual display unit is a mobile data terminal fitted to a police vehicle or an emergency vehicle, or 

(c) the driver or vehicle is exempt from this rule under another law of this jurisdiction. 


Examples of driver’s aids : 

1 Closed-circuit television security cameras. 

2 Dispatch systems. 

3 Navigational or intelligent highway and vehicle system equipment. 

4 Rearview screens. 

5 Ticket-issuing machines.

Vehicle monitoring devices. 


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