For a vehicle to be driven on a road (or road related area) in the state of NSW, the vehicle must be registered, and it is an offence to drive a vehicle which is not registered on NSW roads. It should also be noted that there are certain vehicles which are prohibited from being registered in NSW, we will delve into that later in the article.


If a person drivers’ licence has been suspended, disqualified, cancelled then that person cannot and must not drive a ‘’Registerable Vehicle’’ on a Road in the state of NSW as it is an offence.  It should also be noted that if a person operates an ‘unregistered vehicle’, the police can issue the person with any of the following which include an infringement notice or Seizure of the vehicle on the spot and/or seizure of the number plates of that vehicle on the spot.


Vehicles which MUST be registered in NSW.

1.      In the simplest of terms, a ‘Registerable Vehicle’ is a mode of transport which uses wheels, and which is assisted and or propelled by a motor and that motor forms part of the vehicle itself.


2.      There are vehicles which are exempt for example pedal-assisted bicycles which has an electric motor less than 200 watts, motorised wheelchairs for disabled persons, Pedalecs which comply with the European Standards EN 15194 that have an electric motor and the maximum continuous power output of the motor does not exceed 250 watts etc. please ensure that you visit this government website for a more detailed explanation on exempt vehicles: 


Examples of Prohibited Vehicles?

The following vehicles cannot be registered because they are prohibited and as such, a person will be committing an offence if they use any of the following vehicles on any public roads or in any public areas including but not limited to car parks, parks etc. and some examples include:


·         Motorised skateboards

·         Segway Human Transporter

·         Any vehicle which replicates a Segway human transporter is banned in NSW.

·         Petrol Powered bicycles.

·         Mini- bike, petrol engine powered bikes

·         Monkey bikes

·         Motorised foot scooters


For more information on more examples, please be sure to visit the government website on:


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*This article correctly reflects the Laws of NSW as at 22nd February 2023.


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