In the state of NSW all learner licence holders must be accompanied by a person who holds an unrestricted driver’s licence.


What does ‘’Accompanied’’ mean?

This means that a Learner driver cannot drive a motor vehicle without the passenger seat next to the learner driver being occupied by a person who holds an unrestricted (full) Driver’s licence.


What is the maximum penalty for this offence?

The penalty for such an offence upon conviction is the maximum fine of $2,200 as well as a 3-month mandatory period of disqualification. It should also be noted that the maximum period of disqualification for this type of offence is 12 months.


What does the Court consider on sentence?

In deciding whether to record a conviction for this type of offence, the court takes into consideration the defendant’s age, circumstances in which such offence was committed, aggravating factors, mitigating factors, need for a licence, traffic history, subjective circumstances, whether the defendant has completed a traffic offender program, prospects of rehabilitation for the defendant and many other factors to name a few.


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*This article correctly reflects the Laws of NSW as at 22nd February 2023.


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