Licence Suspension

A licence suspension which has been imposed by:


·         The RMS; or

·         The Police


Can be appealed to the Court; however, it should be noted that the decision of the Local Court in these types of Licence Appeals is final. Once your Appeal document(s) have been filed at the Court Registry (or in some cases Online) you will be given a Court date and you must attend that Court date to have your matter dealt with.


RMS Suspensions and Police suspensions are usually dealt with on the first return date so you must ensure that you have prepared your case prior to going to Court.



Pleading Guilty

As we have previously mentioned in other articles, it is critical that you obtain legal advice prior to going to Court. When a person enters a plea of Guilty to an offence, that person is admitting each element of that offence and (presuming that the facts are agreed and have been handed up), that person has also agreed on the facts and the matter will proceed to sentence.


It must be noted that if the accused does not agree with the facts (as the police allege), the accused must inform the Court as to which aspect in the facts that they don’t agree with and the matter will then proceed to a contested facts hearing.


It should also be noted that just because a person has entered a plea of guilty to an offence, this does not mean that they will have a criminal record as the Court is empowered with disposing of a matter by way of a Conditional Release Order (CRO with No Conviction), s10 Dismissal (with no further penalty) etc.


It should be noted however that the more serious the offence and the circumstances surrounding the offence, the more likely it is that the person’s matter will be dealt with by way of either:


i.                    CCO (Community Corrections Order)

ii.                  ICO (Intensive Corrections Order)

iii.                Full Time Imprisonment




Pleading NOT Guilty

If a person comes before the court for an offence which they did NOT commit, if the person believes that they have been charged incorrectly, if a person has a defence and if the person would like to put the prosecution to proof then that person may enter a plea of not guilty and request a Hearing date. It should be noted that the prosecution bears the onus of proving their case beyond a reasonable doubt and it is not the defendant’s responsibility to prove their innocence.





Other Court Applications.

Other Court Applications such as when making an application to remove the Habitual Traffic Offender Declarations (HTOD) as well as the Driver Licence Disqualification Removal Applications are usually dealt with on the first return date, and it is critical that you obtain legal advice prior to filing any appeal or any application as you must have grounds for your appeal.


It is very important that you speak with a lawyer so that you can get the appropriate legal advice which you require prior to going to court.


Our team of experienced solicitors are there for you and can help you answer all your questions, so be sure to contact Nicopoulos Sabbagh Lawyers.

*This article correctly reflects the Laws of NSW as at 19th October 2022.


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