‘Hoon offences’ are offences such as police pursuits, burnouts, high speed offences and they are some of the most serious driving offences and they carry severe penalties. When a person engages in dangerous as well as reckless driving behaviour a person may receive an immediate licence suspension for offences such as:


·         Drag racing

·         Dangerous driving/ Driving at Dangerous Speed.

·         Police Pursuit offences

·         Burnouts

·         Speed racing (or street racing)


In this article, we will go into some level of detail for certain ‘hoon’ offences. (It should be noted that the list below is not exhaustive).


Speed/Street Racing.

Street racing also known as ‘speed racing’ refers to ‘promoting, organising or taking part in an unapproved vehicle race on NSW roads.’ Examples of such behaviour include: a race between 2 (or more) vehicles on a NSW road, any competitive trial designed to test the skill of any vehicle or driver on a NSW road or even promoting, taking part in as well as organising any of the above mentioned behaviour. (Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there are many other examples).


This offence carries a maximum Court imposed fine of $3,300 for first offences and for second & subsequent offences, it carries a $3,300 fine and a maximum term of imprisonment of 9 months. In relation to the driver’s licence, if convicted of this offence, it carries a Disqualification period of up to 12 months.



Police Pursuits.

A Police Pursuit is when a driver of a vehicle knowingly drives a vehicle dangerously or at a High Speed and fails to comply with a Police officer’s instructions to stop and pull over. It should be noted that this is a very serious offence an example of such offence includes a Driver Not stopping his or her vehicle when the police have indicated for the driver to stop the vehicle etc.


This offence carries a maximum penalty of 3 years imprisonment as well as a 3-year licence Disqualification for first offences and in relation to second (or subsequent) offences, the maximum penalty is 5 years imprisonment with a 5-year licence disqualification period!



Dangerous Driving/ Driving at Dangerous Speed.

This type of offence is also considered to be a ‘hoon’ offence and it is one of the most serious offences and for an offence such as ‘Exceed Speed by more than 45km/h’ the maximum court imposed fine is $3,300 (for Light Vehicles Only) and $5,500 for heavy vehicles Only.


It should be noted that a 6-month disqualification is applicable if convicted.







Drag Racing & Aggravated Burnouts

When a driver deliberately drives a vehicle to cause the vehicle a continuous loss of traction, this behaviour is known as ‘drag racing’ and ‘aggravated burnouts.’ An example of such behaviour is when a driver who accelerates and causes the wheels to spin which leads the tyres to losing grip on the road.


If a person commits a drag racing or burnout offence, it should be noted that this offence carries a Maximum Court imposed fine of $3,300 for first offences and for second (or subsequent offences), a person could be fined up to $3,300 and face a term of imprisonment for up to 9 months.


In relation to the Driver’s licence, if convicted of this offence, it carries a Licence Disqualification period of up to 12 months.


Drag racing & Aggravated burnouts include behaviour such as (it should be noted that the following list is NOT exhaustive):


·         Continuing to operate a vehicle which has lost traction.

·         Participating in any group activity which involves drag racing or burnouts

·         Promoting, photography or taking a video of a drag race or burnout behaviour with the purpose of encouraging the participation in such activities.


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