If a person is charged with a ‘hoon offence’, as we have previously discussed in our previous article the police may immediately (and on the spot) suspend the persons drivers’ licence once the person is pulled over for having committed such hoon offence.


What does this mean?

This means that if a person is stopped from driving by the police because the person committed a ‘hoon offence’ (such as Speed Racing/ street racing, burnouts, drag racing, driving in a manner dangerous, being involved in a police pursuit etc), the person cannot drive again until their case is determined by the court. So, in other words, the licence suspension will remain in place until the charge is determined & finalised by the Court!


Vehicle Sanctions?

If a person commits a ‘hoon offence’ the person may also receive a vehicle sanction. So, in other words, the police can impound the person’s vehicle or even confiscate the number plates for a set period.


It is very important that you speak with a lawyer so that you can get the appropriate legal advice which you require prior to going to court.


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*This article correctly reflects the Laws of NSW as at 19th October 2022.


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