In the state of New South Wales, Section 333 Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW) gives the […]
The Habitual Traffic Offender Penalties were abolished in NSW in October 2017. Under a Scheme which […]
If you have not paid your fines owing which came about as a result of an […]
In NSW the main piece of Legislation is the Road Transport Act, and this Legislation governs […]
The laws with respect to Drug Driving is embedded in the Road Transport Act 2013. In […]
Drink Driving as well as Drug Driving are some of the most common offences in NSW. […]
In the state of NSW Firearm Prohibition Order (FPO) is an Order made by the Commissioner […]
What is a Search Warrant? A ‘Search Warrant’ in simple terms is an order (given from […]
As you may have read from a previous post on our website with respect to ‘Bail’ […]
In the state of New South Wales, an AVO is a court order which is made […]