In the Supreme Court NSW Jurisdiction, there are two separately constituted courts, and they comprise of the following:


1.       The Court of Criminal Appeal; and


2.       The Court of Appeal


The Court of Appeal hears cases determined by 3 judges and in some instances, there are 5 Judges who determine the case, and it is important to note that the judges do not have to unanimously agree on an outcome as the appeal can be decided by the majority. The Court of Appeal hears cases such as Contractual Disputes, Negligence matters, Commercial Disputes as well as Personal Injury (to name a few).


The Court of Appeal was established 1st of January 1966 and the court operates pursuant to the Supreme Court Act 1970 (NSW) and in the state of New South Wales, the Court of Appeal is the final Court for civil cases. It should be noted that if the appellant is not successful in the Court of Appeal, then the appellant can apply for ‘Special Leave’ to appeal to the High Court of Australia, and it is important to note that leave will be granted by the High Court of Australia in very limited circumstances.


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*This article correctly reflects the Laws of NSW as at 3rd August 2022.


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