When a defendant pleads NOT guilty to a matter which will be finalised in either the […]
As previously discussed in our other blogs, the Supreme Court is the highest Court in all […]
In order to Appeal a decision to the Court of Criminal Appeal, the appeal must have […]
A ‘Notice of Intention to Appeal’ must be filed within 28 days of the date of […]
The Appeal Hearings at the Court of Criminal Appeal are usually determined by three judges.   […]
The Criminal Procedure Act 1983 governs the topic of ‘Arraignments’ in the state of New South […]
Important changes in the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 resulted in the abolition of the ‘Committal Hearings’ […]
In the Supreme Court NSW Jurisdiction, there are two separately constituted courts, and they comprise of […]
An Appeal against a decision (following a Local Court Hearing) which was made by a Local […]
The Local Court is the busiest Court Jurisdiction in all of NSW as the Local Court […]