Predatory driving is an offence in NSW which includes any of the following:


·         Tailgating other driver(s)

·         Driving Aggressively/ Driving with aggression

·         Road rage


And many, many more just to name a few.


Section 51A of the Crimes Act 1900 notes the following:


“The driver of a vehicle who, while in pursuit of or travelling near another vehicle:


(a)   engages in a course of conduct that causes or threatens an impact involving the other vehicle, and


(b) intends by that course of conduct to cause a person in the other vehicle actual bodily harm, is guilty of an offence.”


For a person to be found guilty of such offence, then the police must beyond a reasonable doubt prove that the accused person committed the offence itself and they must also prove the following beyond a reasonable Doubt.


1.      Threat of Impact.


2.      The Intent to cause harm.


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*This article correctly reflects the Laws of NSW as at 3rd February 2023.


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