Driver Education Programs must be completed at the offender’s own initiative after an offender has been charged with a Traffic Related offence. Driver Education Programs are programs which educate traffic offenders on the importance of road rules, road safety and they also educate traffic offenders on the risks which they can pose to themselves and the risks which they can pose to members of the public.


A sentencing magistrate will take into consideration an offender’s completion of a driver education course as it shows the court that the person has taken positive steps towards their rehabilitation, and it also shows the court that the person is now better educated as to the possible risks on the road.


Which programs are available to Traffic Offenders appearing before the Court?

Below is a quick run-down of (some) of the different programs which our clients have chosen to complete prior to finalising their matters at sentence.


1.     Traffic Offender’s Intervention Program

2.     Traffic Offenders Rehabilitation Program

3.     ASPIRE Traffic Offender Course

4.     Sober Driver Program (This Program relates to Drink Driving Offences)

5.     SAVE (The Speed Alcohol Vehicle Education) Program.


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