In the state of NSW, the government organisation which is empowered with the authority to make rules/regulations and empowered with the administration of the driver licencing system is the government body known as ‘Transport for NSW.’


Transport for NSW can suspend, renew a driver’s licence (and many more), they can even issue a driver with a good behaviour licence if he or she exceeds the maximum demerit points on their unrestricted (full) drivers’ licence.


It should be noted that the ‘Good Behaviour Drivers’ Licence’ option is ONLY available for drivers with an unrestricted driver’s licence.


Why is this option NOT available for Learner or Provisional licence holders?

This is because when a Learner or Provisional Licence Holder exceed the maximum demerit points on their licence, they have the right of appealing the Notice of Suspension meaning, they can take the notice of suspension and ask the court to review the decision of Transport for NSW to suspend/ cancel their licence and this option is NOT available for unrestricted licence holders. (This is discussed in detail in other blogs on our website).


What are the conditions of a Good Behaviour Licence?

You must NOT accrue two or more demerit points during the Good Behaviour licence period which is for a period of 12 months.


How to elect to go on a Good Behaviour Licence?

You can elect to go on a Good Behaviour Licence by making an application online via the Service NSW website or at any Service NSW centre.


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*This article correctly reflects the Laws of NSW as at 17th March 2023.


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