The Payment of a Penalty Notice will NOT result in a Criminal Conviction being recorded against your name. This is because that will be the end of the matter AND you will not be required to attend court.


However, if you choose to dispute the Penalty Notice meaning if you choose to NOT pay the fine and elect to take the fine to court, then you will be required to appear before the Local and your matter will be listed before a Local Court Magistrate and you have a choice of pleading either not guilty to the offence or guilty (it is strongly advised that you seek legal advice prior to electing to take a matter to court).


It should also be noted that if you elect to take the matter to court, plead guilty (or if you are found guilty by the court after you have plead not guilty), the court can impose a penalty which could carry a Criminal Conviction against your name, unless your matter is deal with by way of a Conditional Release Order without recording of a conviction or unless the Magistrate deals with your matter by way of a section 10(1)(a) dismissal.


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*This article correctly reflects the Laws of NSW as at 25th May 2022.


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