In NSW, police officers can have their licences suspended if they are convicted of certain criminal offences or if their conduct is deemed unacceptable by the NSW Police Force.


The Commissioner of Police has the power to suspend an officer’s licence if they believe the officer’s conduct has fallen below the standard expected of a police officer. This can include things like dishonesty, violence, harassment, or other serious misconduct.


In addition, under the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002, a police officer’s licence can be suspended if they are convicted of a criminal offence that carries a penalty of imprisonment for more than 12 months. This includes offences such as assault, drug trafficking, and fraud.


If an officer’s licence is suspended, they may be suspended from duty or placed on restricted duties. The suspension remains in place until the matter is resolved, either through the conclusion of criminal proceedings or through an internal investigation by the NSW Police Force.



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