Our client had just finished high school, on their P1 Licence & studying so that one day they can become a Real Estate agent.

Out with friends on a Saturday night following a birthday party, driving during night-time, our client was involved in a crash where their car had T-Boned another car after passing an intersection. Our client remained at the scene in a state of shock, unable to fathom what had just happened in a space of 5 minutes.

Police were called to the scene and upon arrival our client was breath tested which returned a negative result.

Police later subjected our client at the scene to an oral fluid test which returned a positive result to cannabis being present in their system.

Our client was charged with ‘negligent driving’ as well as ‘driving with illicit drug present in oral fluid/ blood’ following the car crash and as such our client was issued with a Court Attendance Notice to Attend Court on a future date.

Mr. Sabbagh appeared in the matter, a plea of guilty was entered following extensive negotiations with the prosecution in relation to the matter. The client then received a Conditional Release Order without Recording of a conviction. This means that there was NO licence disqualification whatsoever, and there was NO criminal conviction recorded on our clients record on the condition that our client is of Good Behaviour for a period of time.

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*This article correctly reflects the Laws of NSW as at 7th March 2023.

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