In New South Wales, drink driving offences are typically considered traffic offences rather than criminal offenses. […]
In New South Wales, drug laws are enforced to regulate and control the possession, use, and […]
In NSW, major driving offences include a range of serious traffic violations that can result in […]
In NSW, "Skye’s Law" refers to a law named in memory of a toddler who was […]
Whilst there is no specific law in NSW which prohibits driving barefoot/ without any footwear, if […]
PCA means Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol and PCA charges are a common term if a person […]
If a person has not committed any offences within the last 2 to 4 years, a […]
In the state of NSW, the defence of necessity is a legal defence that may be […]
In this article we will be talking about the appeal process against the decision of Transport […]
The Habitual Traffic Offender Penalties were abolished in NSW in October 2017.   An eligible person who has […]